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Beautifully finished Drop Spas and Drop Design Fire offer everyday luxury in your patio, yard and by the beach at your villa.

Drop, an award winning jacuzzi, is the only outdoor spa to gain this recognition for its fabulous design. The design was inspired by elements of nature: a drop of clear, sparkling water. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and top quality materials, Drop design pool and design fire have been a raging success in Scandinavia.

Starting from 12 000 € + IVA

Electric Sauna 19 900 € + IVA
Lodge 15 600,00 € + IVA

1 490 € + IVA


Life’s just a bit better with a Drop

There is a wide choice of outdoor spa pools worldwide, but none that stand out in a crowd like Drop design pool. They all have the same bulky look and the technology used is outdated. Drop celebrates the Scandinavian minimalistic design and differentiates itself from others not just for its amazing look, but equally for its perfected, modern technology. Drop design pool does Scandinavia justice for its sleekness, quality and practicality.

Pamper yourself with a hydrotherapy after a padel match, long walk on the hills or spending a hot day on the beach.

Water and hot tubs offer you a stress relief and health benefits with its pressure and temperature. Warm water helps the heart rate to go down, to increase stroke volume and the heart pumps more blood with each beat.

Beside the health and stress relief benefits, Drop outdoor jacuzzi is a perfect place to spend time with friends and enjoy a glass of bubbles. Just relax!

In the evening you can light up the Drop Design fire and have a romantic dinner or great game evening with the family. Drop Spa and Design Fire are designed for the use, but the modern Scandinavian design gives the final touch.